Vantage 86

Phil Scott, Managing Director at Vantage Catamarans, explains the concept of the Vantage 86:

“The Vantage 86 is unique in its intention and form, designed to break the mould of what a modern cruising catamaran represents. It is designed to perform, and combine a racing pedigree with the comfort of a stable charter yacht.

Its goal is ‘adventure’. It will provide the most adventurous way of exploring the ocean and its secrets.

Catamarans have been the kings of the lucrative Caribbean charter world for the last 10 years. These multi-deck yachts have charged their way through the charter fleets, with their vast space and stable sea motion providing an attractive proposition. They have now overtaken, by some considerable margin, the traditional monohull as the preferred yacht of choice for charter companies and users alike.

Like many areas of yachting the America’s Cup, the pinnacle of sailing achievement and one of the most watched sporting events worldwide, has welcomed the performance catamaran, something unimaginable only a few years ago. Recent advances in technology, understanding of design and build capabilities have revealed the stunning performance potential of these catamarans.

The Vantage 86 will be the pinnacle of racing and charter catamarans, these two seemingly disparate worlds coming together.

The length of the yacht is critical. We have pushed the boundaries of design to allow this large yacht to meet the MCA rules for small craft engaged in commercial operations. When launched, she will be the longest, lightest and fastest yacht ever built that conforms to this code, ensuring profitable returns and therefore greater value to any prospective owner.

Are you ready for adventure?”